Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Better Video of E Talking!

Here is the talking E has developed since the last short post. She especially loves to talk to us when we get her ready for bed at night and she is in her little onesie. It is so fun to hear all her little sounds and watch her learn new things. We also love to dress her up--just like a little doll. Things have been going well here! Except! Darin got in a wreck in his Blazer a couple weeks ago. A van pulled in front of him on his way to work and then slowed down. It was an icy day, so the Blazer started fishtailing and then spun around and hit the cement barrier. Thankfully!!! Darin was totally okay, just a little shook up and a lot mad. We had 'accident forgiveness' though, so we just have to pay the $400 deductible, luckily, since the total was $5100. Will be without the Blazer for 3 -4 weeks, but luckily, Darin's parents were out of town and parked at our house for a couple of those, so we had an extra vehicle to use.


  1. Oh! She is so cute! It looks like I'll have to visit sooner than later! ( : I am glad Darin is okay!