Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bday cake!

I am proud of the cake M and I made yesterday! The design and writing and lines are not so hot, but it had some other successes. It was a Martha Stewart 3 layer chocolate cake. It was tall and it was nice and straight, and the icing turned out nicely (if a little air bubbly) and was really yummy, and the coating turned out okay compared to past cakes, AND it was absolutely deeeelicious! I figured one sixteenth of this cake was SEVENTEEN weight watchers points. Luckily, half of one sixteenth of the cake was plenty! We had Dana and Brett over for dinner and taxes (which is why we had the cake two days early), so I sent the leftover 1/4 of the cake home with them. For dinner we made three pizzas: supreme with sausage, pepperoni, and ham and pineapple. The kids played rock band and then we watched Madagascar 2. That is a really fun movie. If you watch it more than once, you really catch all the funniness.
Sp will be 11 tomorrow! On Thursday, he is getting his arrow of light and moving on to BOY SCOUTS! He worked hard and will be getting the last of the Webelos pins then, too. He was inspired to get them all. C will be getting a bronze palm at tomorrow's court of honor, too. He recently finished the trucking merit badge, and the bugling merit badge (by learning to play the trumpet and then being the troop 'bugler' for three months.)

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