Sunday, February 1, 2009

Kids growing up

I've seen lots of signs of the kids growing up these last few days. K got accepted into housing at Utah State. She'll be rooming with her friend from our ward who has lived one street over since they were 7. C needs to shave his mustache area. Haven't quite talked him into using the new razor he got for Christmas. Imagine the look on his face when he opened that gift. And then imagine the look on my face when I noticed that he needed to use it. M went shopping (successfully)--without her mom. And yesterday we planned out her high school class schedule and signed her up for Seminary since she starts 9th grade this fall! S is getting his Arrow of Light this month and moving into Boy Scouts. S is going to the baptism preview tonight since he is getting baptized this year (in December). And E is trying to pick up her rattle and put it in her mouth, and gets really really mad at it. Crazy!

As for me and D, I told him yesterday that our year is divided into three parts: Outside projects (April - October), indoor projects and fixits (January - April, see my project list on this blog), and Christmas (November - December). Well, time to go get dinner ready. Regular Sunday-roast, mashed potatoes, fruit salad, and corn. MMMM.

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