Thursday, February 19, 2009

One of my favorite thrills!

$38 at Albertsons for: 3 big boxes cheerios, 3 big boxes lucky charms, 3 big boxes trix, 9 progresso soups, 9 pillsbury grands biscuits, two kraft salad dressings, 2 potato chips, 20 ramen noodles, 2 grandma sycamore bread, 4 olives, 4 onion mixes, 6 betty crocker cake mixes!!! Wahoo!! And then after I unloaded them all for the picture, I had to load them all back up into sacks to take downstairs!! I am CRAZEEE! But this is FUN! (some work as well). If you like to coupon and shop sales--look at and enter the free password g84roj. This is for Utah people, but I think Albertsons has the same sales in other closeby states.

1 comment:

  1. awesome jenni! way to go! i just booked a coupon lady to come to the library for a class as part of a Consume Education series at the library. Way to go!