Friday, March 13, 2009

Benefits of Being with Mommy All Day

Recently, the Today Show featured an interview that focused on working moms and the 2006 study that concluded that children with one hundred percent maternal care fare no better than children with working mothers. Supposedly, kids with working mothers fared better because they were more independent and more prepared for school. I read the article and started looking for ways that my children benefit from me being their caregiver. I know some moms need to work and are doing the best they can and I feel very blessed to stay home with my kids. When I get exasperated with trying to save money, I remind myself that I am helping to make this possible. This is what I came up with today that might be different. I think this is only a drop in the bucket.
From E's point of view: I get to be told fifty times a day that I am the prettiest, cutest, most beautiful baby ever. I get kissed every time I am picked up. Sometimes even ten times. I get to watch my mommy work. I get to sleep in as long as I want. I get to look and look at the face of my favorite person in the world (mommy) while she eats lunch, while she shops, and while she feeds me. I get lovingly called lots of nicknames all day long: little chicken, chicken little, chicken noodle, bucket, belle, beanbag, turkey doodle, rare and unusual fuzzy headed slobberpuss, and cute pea. I get asked if "there is sunshine in my soul." Most importantly, I get to hear songs about Heavenly Father, Jesus, sunbeams, and faith.


  1. Definitely Eternal benefits for all involved.

    Ellie is simply adorable!

  2. I like the name Ellie Bean...too cute!