Friday, March 6, 2009

Blog List and Draper Temple

So, does my blog list only update itself if I have posted? It seems to stay the same forever, even when there are new posts on those blogs. And I have to click on each one to see if there are any new updates. So, I am posting to see what happens.

BTW, I started to make yogurt in my crockpot, but instead of unplugging it (with milk in it)after 2 1/2 hours, and letting it sit for 3 more hours, I got busy and forgot the unplugging part. So I came home to milk that had cooked for 5 hours. So I put it in the fridge and I'm wondering what I can do with it now. Can I just start over with the same milk?

We went to the Draper Temple open house last night. Our appointment was at 8:40. We watched a short video about temples at a nearby church, and then were bused to the temple. They had tents to walk through to get in. It is very beautiful, but seemed small inside. The celestial room is about half the size of the Bountiful celestial room, but the ceiling is VERY tall. There were four ordinance rooms. Two with walls painted like the world, and two regular. The ordinance rooms were small as well. But there were five sealing rooms, one of which was the largest in any temple in the church (we were told). There were seats for 80 people, plus plenty of room to squeeze more people in. The mirrors were really large on either side. Most of the beautiful carpets were covered up with other carpet, risers, or plastic runners. Afterward, we walked through more tents to the adjacent stake center. The cultural hall looked like an art gallery, with information about temples, framed pictures of temples, and other gospel art. They also had a violinist playing along with a pianist at a grand piano.At one end was a reception area, where they served little bottled waters and cookies. The kids loved going in the temple.


  1. It worked! My blog updated itself. So what? Does it punish you by not updating if you don't post?

  2. I have noticed that too. My blog list isn't really telling me when there is an update. hmph. Maybe I will remove that feature! That is cool you went to the open house!