Monday, March 23, 2009

My Grandpa

My grandpa, Ralph Edward Taylor, is a great man. He became active in the LDS Church, with the encouragement of my grandmother. When you think about how hard it is to change the way you do things, this is a great accomplishment. I am so grateful that he did. He also raised my dad, who I love very much and has some very wonderful qualities. My grandpa was creative. He was always making little toys out of wood. As kids, we loved to play with these little contraptions. Remember the Jacob's Ladder? Or the little teddy bear that would 'climb' up the ropes. Once he made me a necklace out of colorful little rocks that he picked up at the coast, polished, and put on a string with a clasp. I still have it! I loved going to Grandpa's house. It was small, but had a wonderful closet full of the best games (Barbie), yummy treats in the kitchen, and picture albums to look through. To me, Grandpa is a person who is always happy and content with his lot. He had the things he needed to take care of his family and to make a nice home, but he was not extravagant. He is a great example of humility. He loves his wife so very much and I admire the affection they show each other. Once he told me about their wedding day and described her as "an angel" as they were about to be married. I experienced a tender moment with him a few years back as we talked about family history and about his life. I felt incredibly close to him. I will miss his hugs. He had a special way of extending a hug from his wheelchair these last few years. I will also miss the unique way he said "amen" whenever he offered a prayer.

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  1. What a wonderful man! I loved hearing how he thought of his wife as an angel. It's so hard to be separated from those we love and admire. My prayers are with you.