Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Post Cereal Deal! Thirty Cents a box!

Hey, just had to share--I got 11 boxes of post cereal (four Select, one Grape-nuts, three Raisin Bran, three Shredded Wheat) for $3.30 total. This is how: These cereals are on sale for $2.07 a box. For every two you buy, you get $1 off--making them $1.57 each. I used coupons from the newspaper (and from two of our neighbors' papers who save the coupons for us). AND there is a Post promotion--when you buy 5 boxes, you get a coupon printed for $5 off your next shopping order (this is called a catalina offer). Check with your store. Most will let you get back in line and use the coupon on the next five boxes, etc. I went through three times--twice through the self checkout, so as not to annoy anyone. I think I may have paid more for one of the boxes (since I had to buy five to get the $5 off, but the coupons were $1 off of two.) Anyway....great deal, every little bit helps. I figure if I bought 11 bags of malt-o-meal cereal at $3 a bag, I would have paid $30 more. is the sight I use for Utah/Idaho. also lists 'screamin' deals by state.

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