Sunday, May 3, 2009

Hot Tamales!!

Wow! We had a fun day yesterday! Prom! K went with a kid who she works with, and a bunch of others. For the 'day activity' they went to Cirque Eloize at Kingsbury Hall (similar to Cirque De Soleil). They then came home and K went to a friend's house for hair and makeup. She rushed home 5 minutes before her date got here and threw on the dress and jewelry and came cascading down the staircase in all her glory. They went to the Garden at the Joseph Smith Building for dinner and then to the dance at the Hilton in Salt Lake City. C asked a girl friend from his PE class. She was darling. They skipped the day activity. First they ate dinner here at our house:

We had Costco (yes) chicken bakes, garlic mashed potatoes, normandy veggies, rolls, caesar salad, fruit tray, and Lindor chocolates. I cooked, M served, Darin babysat downstairs. Then Darin and I drove them down (the law says you can't drive anyone for 6 months after you get your license) to the Little America Hotel for dessert, then to the Hilton for the dance, and picked them up after the dance. Darin and I went and got parfaits at JB's and then watched a movie in our van while we waited. Everyone had a fantastic time at the dance and all were home by midnight where we took this picture (they're a little tired by now) But okay--first remember that picture of K and C sitting on Mom's front porch eating ice cream cones when they were little? Look how much they've grown: