Friday, June 5, 2009


We did it! Kari had a great graduation day. The graduation was at Weber State University and was very nice. She had about 500 in her class, but it went fairly quickly. She and her friends were so excited. I'm a bit tired today. Darin and I went from 11 to 2 to the amazing all night party. We were in charge of the veggie tray and dip cups. Woohoo. The high school was filled with bouncy toys, guitar hero, volleyball, fortune telling, carnival games, music, a cash cube, bowling with frozen chickens, pizza, nachos, sub sandwiches, ice cream machines, fat boys, popsicles, Mrs. Fields cookies and brownies, was amazing. It was fun for Darin and I to see Kari with her friends and wander around, since our dip cups were such a big responsibility. We are so proud of our sweet Kari. I think we could not have asked for a better daughter.


  1. She looks beautiful! Its pretty cool how the last two posts have one kid at the beginning of life, and the other at the end of highschool. :-)