Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I'm going to try this!

I'm going to try eating beans and rice for a week! Well, maybe for just four days, I'm not too crazy about the pizza idea. This is from moneysavingmom.com.

Day One: Cook up a big ole' pot of beans (I do mine like this. You can add in seasonings, onions, etc. if you prefer). I'd recommend cooking black beans, pinto beans, and chili beans. Mix equal parts of the beans and make chili (we like to add onions, diced tomatoes, tomato juice, spices, hot sauce, pickle juice, and anything else that strikes my fancy that evening! You can add some browned ground beef if you like.). Serve over brown rice with cheese and hot sauce.
Day Two: Take the leftover chili and make "haystacks"--set out bowls of chopped lettuce, tomatoes, corn chips, rice, cheese, sour cream, olives, and hot sauce. Let everyone pile things on and make up their own "haystack".
Day Three: Mash up some of the black beans and pinto beans (you can make them refried like
this, if you like) and mix with a little salsa and chopped chicken. Roll up in tortillas, sprinkle with cheese and heat through.
Day Four: Make
pizza crust and top with mashed/refried beans, salsa or diced tomatoes, onions (if you like) and cheese. Bake. If you have leftover lettuce and tomatoes from Day Two, you could sprinkle them on top of the baked pizza. If you have any leftover chili, you could also make "Chili Pizza" using chili and tomatoes and cheese as the pizza topping.
Day Five: Use any leftover chili, beans, or mashed beans you have left to make Mexican Lasagna (like
this or this or this--only substitute most of the meat for beans.)
Those are a few of our family favorites. I could probably come up with more, but five days of beans is likely about all we could take around here!

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  1. Try the pizza jenni... papamurphys sometimes sells a taco pizza and it sounds just like that. after you bake it you put the lettuce and tomatos on top and crushed chips. Its actually pretty good!