Sunday, October 11, 2009

My Menu this Week

Wow, it is so relieving to me to have a menu planned. I usually have everything I need on hand, so I don't need to plan around the sales--I just buy the sale stuff and have it on hand when I need it.

Monday-Rigatoni (rigatoni noodles, spag. sauce, sausage, recipe on the bag), salad

Tuesday-homemade hamburgers and french fries, peas

Wednesday-some type of cheesy potato soup and homemade rolls or french bread

Thursday-Italian Chicken, corn and leftover rolls or french bread

Friday-mac and cheese again!(Mom and Dad going out)

Saturday-breakfast french toast, dinner tuna fish gravy on toast (Mom gone to FHL)

Sunday-porcupine meatballs, baked potatoes, corn, fruit salad

Food storage jobs: can tomatoes, chop and freeze peppers, apple pie filling and applesauce when apples ripen

Shopping: this week for $32.00 at Albertsons I got: 4 pop secret popcorn 3 packs (20cents each!), 8 boxes quaker chewy granola bars, 2 large containers quaker oats, 1 box Kellogg poptarts, 4 bottles 7up, 1 box glad plastic wrap, 2 rump roasts, 4 boxes general mills cereal! All of this is stuff we will use. And then I went shopping at Costco for milk, eggs, etc and it cost a whole lot more, of course. Although,I am pretty good at only buying what I need and only buying the stuff that is better priced at Costco.

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