Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Shopping and Salsa

I stopped photographing my groceries for a while, but someone said they liked it so here is another one! This is 10 boxes of cereal, 5 boxes of brownie mix (.60 ea, can you make 'em for that?), 2 bags hamburger buns, grapes, 5 onions, 12 bananas. For $23!
I bought the cereal and brownie mixes--adding up to $25 on the sale price--but then I used coupons to bring that down. When I spent $25 on those products, a $10 catalina coupon printed, which I then used on the produce and hamburger buns. This was at Albertsons.
I only buy brownie mixes and big brand cereal when they are that cheap. Even so, I am wondering if I need to go with more oatmeal and pancakes to be even cheaper. However, all of our family leaves at different times of the morning, and I am barely up for some of them, so cheap convenience wins out!
I made cooked and fresh salsa today with some of my leftover tomatoes! There are some really cool 'freezer jars' put out by Ball. They look like a cup, but have a screw-on lid and are stackable! I am trying out freezing my salsa this fall because I found a really good Pace picante sauce copycat recipe, and the extension service said I should not can a recipe that has not been tested. So we had hamburgers and chips and salsa for dinner. It was a hit all around!

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  1. Awesome! I've seen those new freezer jam containers...they rock.