Saturday, October 24, 2009

SUPER Saturday!

Had super Saturday at Relief Society today! Loved making the Lee Family wall hanging. The frame is wood, the letters are vinyl on glass. Stressing about where to put it. The other board is a menu planning board. I'm not sure if this will be very useful or if it will be junked. It is on my fridge and I am making a magnet for everything we eat. So then, all I need to do is plan my weekly menu looking at the magnets and stick 'em on there. I am wondering if kids will try to hide certain magnets, or rearrange them. Hmmm, we will have to see how this one goes. I still need to do the rest of the meals--I think I will not use rolled magnet tape, it makes the labels wrinkle. Either flatten it well first, or use magnet sheets. More cutting that way. Anyway it was fun making them. We learned how to make fondant filling and dip chocolates and how to dehydrate foods. We had lots of yummy soup, rolls, and treats, too. Well, never mind on the magnets. A marker board pencil works great! Much much easier!

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  1. our super saturday was finally announced in Primary.. with and oh by the way, the money is due today and the activity is on such and such date. @@ <----me rolling my eyes