Thursday, November 5, 2009

Freezer mashed potatoes

I didn't know you could cook potatoes in the crock pot. I did it. Put them in, peeled, covered with water, four hours later, drained and mashed! Yummy. Peeled too many for the crock pot, put some in a pan, covered with water, boiled five minutes, shut off, covered, and let sit for 4 hours, these were almost done the same time as the crock pot. Made those into shepherd pie (Maren did, anyway), and used the recipe below for the crock pot potatoes to make freezer mashed potatoes. How nice to pull out and have them all ready to go.

I love reading blogs about freezer days and think I want to try it, but I really do like to cook, so if I did that, I might wish I didn't have all that food in the freezer that I had to eat instead of cooking!

Here is the freezer mashed potato recipe:

And here is a really yummy fattening recipe for Chicken and Veggies Fettuccini:
Chicken Veggie Alfredo (crock pot)
The sauce can be used plain on fettuccini.

Alfredo Sauce
½ c. Margarine, melted with:
1 c. Heavy cream
½ t. Garlic powder, or two cloves, minced
¼ t. White pepper, or black will work
½ c. Parmesan cheese
Melt together, stirring often over medium high heat, turn heat down and simmer 8 – 10 minutes. When thickened, add ¾ c. mozzarella cheese. Pour into crock pot with 2 c. corn and 1 c. peas. Add ½ c. water, ¼ c. more pepper, and ½ t. garlic salt. Can add ½ c. chopped onion and 1 4 ½ oz. jar sliced mushrooms, if desired. Brown 4 boneless skinless chicken breast halves, cubed, in 1 T. olive oil.
Cook in crock pot on low six to eight hours. Serve over linguine.

Oh, and I'm not really sure how to spell fettuccini.

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