Saturday, November 7, 2009

Raving Rabbids Birthday Party

We had a really fun birthday party for Seth. We used pictures off the web to make invites. But we used the Rayman picture on the front: "come help Rayman save the Globox from the Raving Rabbids." I printed them on blank index cards. The back had all the party details with a picture of the rabbid with the plunger.

I made the cake. I meant to make the mouth brown, but didn't realize what I'd done until I started on the ears.

So for games, this is what we did:

1.While kids were arriving, they got to watch Spencer playing on the Wii the game where you shoot rabbids with plungers to rescue the globox. Then we went outside and got to throw an actual plunger at a giant rabbid on the garage, that Darin had printed at work. Kind of a take on pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey!

2.They each got to do cow throwing on the Wii. Then we went outside to see who could throw a giant stuffed bunny tied with a rope around it's neck(that was all we had) the farthest.

3.Oh, and we let them each play the game where you trace a picture on the Wii, then blindfolded them and had them draw a picture of a bunny on a marker board. This was hilarious, but after about 9 boys did it, the rest lost interest (there were 11 there).

4.After that we did a rabbid cake walk to the Wii dancing bunnies music. When I pulled the card a kid was standing on, they got to go get up to the table and eat their plunger cupcake (no picture because they were not that cute, I cut off the tops of cupcakes and turned them over, frosted them with plunger colored frosting, and stuck popsicle sticks in them).

Then we sang, opened presents, and ate raving rabbid cake and carrot juice (orange pop). While drinking pop, we had a burping contest, as per Raving Rabbids 2. It was hilarious because some of them talked so big and then couldn't get a thing out. I made them all say excuse me though at the end.

5. And the best--the boys took their nerf-type dart guns (I had them bring their own) and started upstairs to shoot raving rabbids that were placed throughout the house (that I had printed again on index cards) until they reached the globox (which was taped on a box full of treat bags). The treat bags contained a cows tail, a clapper, a balloon, a sticky hand, and shiny plastic star shaped sunglasses (like Rayman's). The kids loved shooting the darts and went through the course a couple times.

I was so glad Seth received the movie Underdog as a gift, because we still had half an hour and I was about crazy by then. The movie saved us. This was a really fun party, fun to plan since I had a theme, and fun to watch! And it only cost us for the cheap treat bags (maybe $10 to $12), the cake and pop,a new clean plunger, and ink.


  1. VERY FUN!and Good job on the Cake!

  2. my daughter had a Rabbid's Birthday party a few years ago and wants to do it again. We played games from Rabbids 1&2: Throwing wadded papers and airplanes at the "teacher" (daddy), cow toss, each team throwing all the balloons out of their hole into the other teams holes, chess!, etc. They all wore bunny ears.
    By the end, we just played Raymond's Raving Rabbids 2 on the wii. After each game, the winner got to keep his remote and choose the next game. The losers gave their remotes to someone who hadn't played that round. The kids kept playing until all the parents had picked them up.

    it was so fun she wants to do it again this year (2 yrs later)

    I love the cake! we just did cupcakes

  3. love this cake and the ideas gonna do this for my son's birthday in april!!!!!!