Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas advent calendar

For years I have done an advent calendar for the kids. We used to use this homemade pocket calendar:

Now we use this house that we found at Costco. Lbean was caught yesterday opening doors, taking out the paper, and putting the paper in other doors!

Most things we would do anyway. I add a few extra fun things in. All worked around what we have going on that night, now that we have bigger kids. This is what the calendar is for this week (don't peek M):
Monday, November 30 (because we had to fit stuff in): go to store and let kids choose items to donate to food bank at ward party, set up the nativity while telling the story
Tuesday, December 1: put on our Christmas pillowcases
Wednesday, December 2: go pick out and put up a Christmas tree
Thursday, December 3: decorate the Christmas tree
Friday, December 4: make a Christmas chain, watch a Christmas movie (recently I saw an idea to put on each chain link something you could do for someone else)
Saturday, December 5: ward Christmas bonfire party, Zef's baptism
Sunday, December 6: watch first presidency Christmas devotional
More next week!
I would love to read your blogs about some of your Christmas traditions!

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