Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas cookies and Santa.

We weren't going to make Christmas sugar cookies, because they make a huge mess and everyone eats one and then leaves the rest. But we needed a project today, and Santa needs his plate of cookies!

So we made chocolate frosted cookies and ginger cookies. Thankfully, Cableguy and his friends showed up after sledding to help us eat them.
We went to see Santa at the mall a couple days ago. Spelee insisted that we needed to see him with his big fancy chair and house, as opposed to seeing him at Walmart. I am sure Spelee would have been mortified if his friends saw him there, but he loves everything Christmas, so wanted to talk to Santa. He told Santa he didn't know what he wanted.
Zef said, "That might be the real Santa, because his beard is real!" Zef fretted over what to tell him, and I fretted over convincing Zef what to tell him, but in the long run, I figured he'd probably forget what he said anyway. They both told him that they cleaned their rooms well that morning. He asked about under the bed and in the closet. He told them to dust their light bulbs.
Lbean ran right up to him, touched his hand, and giggled as she looked into his face when I put her on his lap. Such cute times!

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