Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Menu and Nightly Schedule (they kind of mesh)

It is Tuesday, and I don't feel like planning a menu because nothing sounds good. But I guess if I suffer through this for a few minutes, I won't have to suffer through it each day.

Monday--we had goulash, mmmm (D and Spelee gone, M ate something else)
Tuesday-- tortillas and taco stew filling from freezer group,M concert 7:30
Wednesday--Lunch for Visiting teachees: spinach ravioli from Costco, salad, bread, Lindor chocolates!
Dinner: grilled cheese and tomato soup,Cableguy concert 7:00,
Thursday--Lunch with ward ladies! Make empanadas for Zef's Mexican Christmas day, Dry Pack Soup Mix Soup and Bread
Friday--homemade pepperoni pizza, make salad for M's Madrigal dinner
Saturday--Chicken Burgers, Cableguy ACT and Christmas Dance, Elder's Quorum Game Night (bring caramel corn pops)
Sunday--Cheesy Ham and Potato Casserole, Priesthood Preview for Spelee 7:00

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