Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Menu Plan for first week of December

I got tired of looking at the Indian head potato, although it's very cute. Spelee decided to plan the menu this week. After his first attempt I told him it needed to be healthier. And I will modify as the week goes on, I'm sure. Here it is:
Monday--tacos, applesauce
Tuesday--shepherd pie, orange julius (Used up the last of the mashed potatoes, we had green salad and milk instead)
Wednesday--pancakes, eggs, and bacon (we are going Christmas tree shopping at 3:45 today, so I may do a crock pot something, or have meatloaf and potatoes already in the oven, mmm that sounds good)
Thursday--On your own (we will probably have ham fried rice to use up the rice in the fridge)
Friday--pigs in a blanket, green salad, carrot sticks
Saturday--hamburgers,jello (I may sneak off to McD's for their $ burgers, shh, don't tell)
Hmm, not too bad a menu. Also discussed as he was planning--spaghetti, pizza but we just had that, and going out to eat. At this point, we are NOT going out to eat. Between Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas shopping, and getting stuff together for Zef's after-baptism hot chocolate and cookies, we do NOT need ONE more expense (except maybe the $ burgers from McD's).

Menu planning always brings to mind what we have going on each evening. This week is a crazy week for some reason. Tuesday we had 11-year-old scouts at 6, a band concert rehearsal 5 to 7, and a madrigal performance from 7 to 8. Tonight (Wednesday)is a concert rehearsal until 3:30. We will squeeze in picking out our Christmas tree at 3:45. DQ from 6 to 10, a wrestling match 6:45 to 8:30, Young Women 7 to 8:30. Looks like Lbean and I will be home alone! Yay! Tomorrow night is another band concert rehearsal, then we are all going to get our H1N1 shots at 7:30, then hopefully will decorate the Christmas tree. Friday is a slower evening-yay!

My days are blissfully quiet! Monday, I went marathon shopping. Tuesday I stayed home ALL day. I scrubbed some kitchen walls, window, and blinds, and stove. Don't know why that took all morning but it did. It is all much fresher! Then Mom trained me on new familysearch! It was awesome. I got some names I've been researching ready for temple work! This morning I have cleaned out from under the washer and dryer, cleaned the bathroom, and vacuumed everywhere. Yes!

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