Monday, December 21, 2009

This Week at our house and a soapbox to boot!

The advent calendar wouldn't download. Oh well.
Monday-clean and organize the boy's bedroom. Go to the mall after lunch. See Santa as per request. Joseph Smith Lesson for FHE. Start delivery of jellies.

Tuesday-rearrange, clean, and organize M's bedroom. Watch Las Vegas Bowl (go Cougars), or maybe wrap some presents if you're me! Deliver jellies.

Wednesday-clean and organize Cableguy's bedroom (all of this with the kid's help). Clean house. Go to temple square to see lights?

Thursday-Christmas Eve! More of the same. Cook rolls, ham, and potatoes. Have Christmas Eve Dinner. Do Nativity. Have a quiet evening together at home.

Friday-Christmas Day! Play games. Enjoy each other.

Saturday-Sleep in. Go to Grandma's after kids get home from work.

All in all, try to spend some nice time relaxing, and celebrating.

People say that everyone is too busy during Christmas and that they don't take time to remember Christ. I think all the holiday trappings are delightful and a wonderful way to celebrate Christmas. I think it is okay to spend time looking for gifts that will make loved ones feel special. To decorate the house and watch the lights twinkle. To make special holiday treats. To go to parties or out to eat with friends. To take jelly to neighbors to express our love. These things are just too important (or fun) to let them go by the wayside. Although, I know that some people either are forced to or choose to do less. I think it IS possible to have a wonderful Christmas, just by merely having a special reverence and remembrance.

Sometimes it is hard to focus our thoughts where they need to be with all of the goings on, but it can be done. I think reading scriptures and Christmas stories helps us focus. Church meetings as well. Meeting with ward members to learn from speakers and listen to music and feel the Spirit is a big part of remembering Christ. Another thing I love to do in December is to go to the temple.

Yesterday at the temple we learned about what happened to Christmas in the former Soviet Union. All Christian meetings and holidays were banned. Eventually they reinstated a winter holiday called New Year's. Complete with lights, New Year's trees, and holiday shopping. That is the poor replica. If those things are our only focus, then we truly have taken Christ out of Christmas. But if all of our holiday traditions are done with remembrance of why we do them and special reverence in our minds, we are truly celebrating Christ.

You may be wondering how I am going to have time to relax this week, with all I have planned. Hmmm, maybe I will have to cut some things out?

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