Sunday, December 13, 2009

This week's menu and happenings

Monday--Chicken pot pie
Tuesday--Chicken Burgers
Wednesday--pozole (Mexican soup with hominy and pork)
Thursday--pork tostadas (or tortillas)
Friday--Chinese night (watching A Christmas Story--you know, they end up eating Chinese for Christmas dinner cause dogs get the turkey)
Saturday--mac and cheese (yes, D and I are going out)
Sunday--whatever we didn't have before, or maybe leftovers

Tomorrow I am taking Cableguy and M to do baptisms for our dead after school. That is the only time we could do it. This is in preparation for D and I going to our ward temple night Saturday, when we will do some of the names I have ready from the Taylor line. There is scouts, YW, DQ, paperroute, piano lessons, etc. going on. And on Saturday, Caredon will be coming home, if she can figure out a ride (wink). We have been sewing faces onto fleece cut outs of bears from the Humanitarian Room at DI. We will sew the bears together and then let my scouts stuff them. Mostly this is Spelee's project, so he and I have been sewing at the kitchen table. And Saturday, we made 57 jars of our plum jelly to hand out. Wish we lived closer, than you all would get some, too! Made the house smell good.

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