Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Food for the week--using up old freezer and pantry stuff

Monday-pollock cod (tasted okay, not freezer burned or too fishy), curly potatoes baked in the oven. Got a few more packs of that.
Tuesday-Chicken Noodle Soup using homemade noodles that were in the pantry
Wednesday-shredded bbq beef roast on hamb. buns from the freezer, chunky fresh applesauce
Friday-rice and bean taco mixture from freezer, on tortillas
Saturday-tortilla chips from the cupboard with cheese and ground beef from the freezer, maybe lettuce for a taco salad
Sunday-cheesy shells and marinara sauce (use up the cottage cheese and Moz. cheese in the fridge)

Need to use up:
apples from our trees that are shriveling in the refrigerator (chunky applesauce!)
bags of frozen peaches
bags of cod (we don't love fish, so it just sits in there)
frozen hamburger buns
shredded chicken taco filling (maybe for taquitoes on corn tortillas)
lots of corn tortillas
plum juice (does this taste okay with sugar added?)

Note--for healthy eating I'm going to add LOTS of veggies

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