Saturday, January 16, 2010

Food for the home keeper's soul

I've discovered a really neat blog lady. I love her post on making your home a sanctuary and being an on purpose home keeper. I couldn't paste the URL for it. But it you go to and scroll down to about on the left, you will learn about her and find other fun links.

Here, I typed up the url on creating a santuary-

Oh, and wow, this one on REST

Take some time to read these. They really speak to my soul. The end of the one on REST really speaks to my soul. It talks about spending time at home instead of being so busy. I know when I have days or weeks at a time where I am running, running, running, I long to spend time at home (resting, cleaning, organizing, cooking, going generally slower). And as I finished my last class for my Bachelor's degree, I had a whole 5 weeks of being home more and focusing on home things more (and Christmas). I dragged my feet to start my next class because I knew it would take away from my home. I did start it, but I am longing to be done with my degree so I can focus more on home things. At the same time, I try to find a balance so that home doesn't fall too short. I think it is incredibly interesting that my soul literally yearns to focus more on home and family.

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