Thursday, January 7, 2010

Okay, I'm untired enough.. set a few goals. Actually I was motivated by this article on thinking about goals for a while before actually implementing them. And then there is a circle activity at the end that is really helpful.

I've been considering my goals for a bit, but the circle activity helped to put them into focus and show me which areas needed strenghthening. My ending circle looked like a rectangle.

This may be kind of personal, but here goes. These are my 12 categories and the goals: (I may have left out some important things).
These categories are okay, but of course they could always use work:
Education-finish up my degree! Wooooot, woo!
Spirituality-pray in mornings and read scriptures during the day instead of at bed time when I'm dead tired, go to the temple more often, take the kids to the temple, too.
Church jobs-carry on
Kids Progress and Activities-carry on
Husband relationship-carry on, go on more dates?? (yay!)

Categories that were on the short side of the rectangle (need work) :
Home environment-better morning rounds, organize our cds and dvds, do the filing, clean out and organize the kids 'boxes' of keepsakes (I've got all year, right?), odds and ends face lifts
Relationships with Kids-limit my time on the computer after school until bedtime, play games, have kids cook with me, help them with their jobs sometimes
Relationship with Extended family-more letters to Gmas, more phone calls to Mom (yay Mom!), remember to call people on their birthdays. Okay, don't hold me to that one. Happy Birthday in advance, everyone.
Exercise-do some type of exercise five days a week
Eat right-eat 5 veggies/fruits each day, smaller portions of main dishes
Creativity-learn Adobe Photoshop and update kid's scrapbooks. Sew something. Any ideas? I really really really want to sew something!
Friends-How can I socialize more to be aware of those who need help?

Okay, I am adding two more categories, because these are huge areas in my life.
These two are okay, so I think I will just keep doing them! And focus my goals on the other areas above.

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