Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I think I am now sufficiently recovered from the holidays. I have been so excited to get on with decluttering, being Mom, cooking, having a cleaner house! And then WHAM! I opened up the packet for my last class, a capstone class, of my Bachelor Degree. I knew that the class required putting together a portfolio and writing a reflective paper on my BYU experience. But I discovered that it also required me to pick an ancestor on whom I have little information, research that ancestor, and write a ten page paper on them. This is a small paper compared to those I have produced before, but I am a little sad because I know that getting that much information on one person takes HOURS. Like 15 - 20 hours. Of research. Some of it away from home. And then more HOURS to organize, write, footnote, bibliograph.

I am a bit disconcerted that my focus has to shift back to that when I was so excited to spend time doing home stuff.

Oh well. I can still do home stuff, just not quite as leisurely, and never during nap time until I have that project done.

Here are the home things I'm going to do tomorrow (this looks like a lot, but really isn't too much)
-throw out some old appliances out of the appliance cupboard (a sandwich maker, and one of two electric knives)
-straighten up the coat closet (donate some?)
-declutter M's bathroom drawers
-straighten up the basement so I can go down there and
-enter spending into Quicken
-make my stock up list for the storage room

Nap time:
-decide who the heck I am going to research

In between: pick up after Lbean every time I turn around. In order to get anything done, I have to allow her to make a mess. And she does. Today she pulled 4 keys off the laptop keyboard. Yes, keys. The 7 key, the semicolon key, the comma key, and the period key.

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