Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sewing! Yay!

Now that I am done with my school classes, (hip hip hooray! What a feeling.) I am doing more 'mom' stuff. It is great. However, sometimes there are so many 'mom' things that I want to do that I can't decide which to do, so I do none! Here are some pictures of that I have done. This is my niece; she is a mermaid in the play Peter Pan. I made the skirt. I decided to make baby bibs out of cute dish towels
for friends who are having babies.

Oh, and this is LE helping me. She loves to put on her
little apron and 'help' me cook. I would never have imagined
letting a 15-month-old help until now. I must be at that stage of life--
I could be a grandma within the next 5 years.
She's soooo cute! And soooo into everything.

Oh, and the birthday tablecloth I was going to make--I couldn't find any birthday fabric, except black fabric with flourescent happy birthday and/or cupcakes on it. I finally found some squares of birthday fabric in primary colors and tried to sew it all together with some other bright colors. It looks horrid, so is going to become a fun warm quilt for someone. I am going to the store tomorrow to buy the black flourescent fabric to make one big tablecloth, not one big tablecloth pieced all together that looks like a quilt. Good thing Joann's is having coupon craziness this week!


  1. Nate and I both love the picture of Ellie! Too cute.

  2. What fun! Good job! I recently saw some cupcake material at Joann.