Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Unrelated Thoughts

It is so nice to be done with my school work and the rush to get everything done in the morning so I can study in the afternoon. But I'm not getting anything done besides the regular stuff, and I'm not even keeping up on that too well. It's just too nice to be able to meander at the store, or talk to a friend on the phone, or go for a walk. I guess that's okay.

Monday, I watched the the motion picture Pride and Prejudice (for the zillionth time--I can just have it on while doing housework, I know the movie so well). Today, I got the BBC version at the library and started that. Caredon mentioned that she and her 'friend' watched it and that she likes it better. L had fun at the library. She loved the books and she loved the stained glass windows they have.

I'm probably getting my gall bladder out! It's been causing me occasional pain at night, but also some digestive problems and nausea. The ultrasound showed it was nearly full of gallstones. Blah.

I love the Mnmlist blog on contentedness. (Found under my favorite blogs list.)

And I want to try washing my face with olive oil.

I haven't kept up on my meal planning because I can't sign in to this blog from my regular computer. Lately I've cooked: French bread pepperoni pizza, tater tot casserole, Parmesan chicken sliced and served with brown rice and panda express orange sauce (mmm), shepherd's pie, banana bread. Chili and Marie Calendar's copykat corn bread are on my list.

Did you know kids can listen to all of the Friend articles while they read along with them at lds.org? There are also games. SJ also discovered that he can listen to the scriptures online. He's listened to a chapter from the Book of Mormon the last three nights.

Okay, I am going to bed. Or at least upstairs to watch the Duggars.

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  1. That is so cool Seth listened to the audio of the scriptures a bit. I can just imagine him doing that. Fun!