Monday, April 12, 2010


Hmm, I guess I'll talk about food. Not going to assign days.
  • Yesterday we had roast and mashed potatoes and corn and fruit salad and Ardella's rolls.
  • Tonight we had bazanya and salad and peas and garlic bread from the store. I like the garlic bread we make ourselves better. And we had peanut butter fingers for fhe refreshments.
  • Saturday we had 'lucky' chicken on the grill with baked french fries. Cableguy marinates some chicken in whatever is in the fridge. This time it was bbq sauce, worcestershire, lemon juice, liquid smoke. MMM. I'm better at saying what we already had. But I have some meals on the horizon:
  • Fried rice with brown rice and leftover ham and peas. MMM.
  • Chili, carrot sticks, and corn bread.
  • D says spudboats: a hot dog sliced lengthwise and laid flat with a scoop of left-over mashed potatoes and a slice of cheese on top. Peas or beans.
  • Breakfast hashbrown, ham, and egg casserole. Canned peaches or grapes.
  • Any more suggestions?

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