Thursday, April 29, 2010

I love housekeeping!

Okay, for the days before I got my gallbladder removed, I was excited by the prospect of laying around, doing no housework, and watching BBC's Pride & Prejudice for hours at a time. Now I am at that point. I am past most of the pain, can't quite do much yet, and can't wait to get back to how it was before!

D and the kids are doing a great job taking care of the necessities and of the baby. I am SO glad and very blessed that I have them so that I CAN take a break. But I am missing being able to do stuff! I want to be able to clean the floor or sink as clean as I want it! I want to go to the grocery store! I want to pick up Belly!! I am sure I will soon--just need to vent a bit!

I think it is interesting and a blessing that my mom taught me to take pride in and even ENJOY taking care of my home and family! It is not necessarily the fact that those things are done that brings me happiness. It is doing those things that really brings me satisfaction.

That's all for now. Guess I'll go watch the last two hours of Pride & Prejudice. Maybe I'll follow that up with the new Keira Knightley version, too.

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