Friday, April 30, 2010

Important Papers

I came across an idea for organizing important documents and papers a few years back, and it really works! So I'm sharing:

My Important Documents Binder includes the following:

Section 1 has dividers for each child where I put important papers like:
school teachers' requirements and teachers' phone numbers for younger kids
course disclosures for older kids
preschool, baseball, soccer rosters
carpool schedules (after transferred to my calendar)
concert and sports schedules (after transferred to my calendar-I keep them in case there is additional info I might need)
new job contracts or info
for each child jr. high and older: a list of accomplishments, leadership postitions, activities involved in, and service hours (for future college and job applications)

Section 2 also has dividers for each child, my husband, and me where I put:
a photo of each child (prob. should be current for emergency purposes)
any certificates related to vital life events like marriage, birth, baptisms, blessing, priesthood ordinations. (I make copies for the kid.) Be careful on this one, you will be doing family history work when you gather these records!
immunization records and notes about tonsillectomies or other operations or illnesses
social security cards until the kids are old enough to carry them
forms for physicals which may be needed again for scout camp attendance, etc.

Upcoming topic--what to do with all the stuff the kids bring home. And all the stuff the mailman brings!

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