Friday, April 23, 2010

My College Graduation!

Here's me on the bridge. On the left there is me in line for the podium. I'm the one standing farthest to the right. On the right is me receiving my diploma!

Me and my benefactor.
Okay, today was a crazy day. We thought we were supposed to go to the convocation for the college of Home, Family, and Social Sciences at 2 p.m. But it was a little confusing because the school of Family Life from this college meets separately at 11 a.m. I got worried and called the BGS program (my program) at 8:20, they said I was supposed to go to the one at 11 a.m. They double-checked with their supervisor; I even called right back to confirm.
So I OUSTED everyone out of bed and said we have to leave in 40 minutes, to go pick up two kids who had gone to school, to make the hour drive, to pick up my cap and gown, and to be there at 10:15 to line up. It was very stressful, wondering if I would be there in time.
As we drove down, I called the advisement center for the HFSS to ask another quick question. I decided to ask them, to be sure, and THEY said it should be the 2 p.m. ceremony. I called back the BGS people to see who was right. They checked again and then got back on the phone to apologize up and down. It WAS the 2 p.m. ceremony.
Well, it took away some stress to know we had more time. We stopped at Aunt Brandy's house to decompress and play Wii for an hour. Then we parked near the MCenter, walked through the pouring rain to pick up my cap and gown, went to the Bookstore to get me an alumni license plate cover (D got a new one, too), got tacos, and then walked back to the MCenter.
The convocation was 2 1/2 hours long. It was an exciting thing for me, a long awaited day, and the end of a long road! I am so grateful for the education and experience I have had. I know it was what I should have been doing. I was especially glad
that D and all the kids could be there.
Afterwards, Cableguy said he didn't want to graduate from college (it was realllly long). (: I know it was a good thing to have them all there though.
Then we went to Olive Garden in Salt Lake for dinner and even ordered a piece of Raspberry Cheesecake and a piece of Black Tie Mousse Cake to pass around the table!
The end. Of THIS story.


  1. Hooray Jenni! Got teary eyed for you looking at those pictures. Great job!