Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Working On My Priorities

Yesterday was slow. I realize, especially after watching General Conference, that I need to devote more time to my family, especially the kids, instead of always plowing through the housework and my other self-appointed and only-meaningful-to-me projects. So yesterday, I tried to be available for everything the kids wanted. (They are home for Spring Break.) This meant that I was unmotivated to start any of my projects even when there was nothing going on, because once a project is started, it is inevitable that it will be interrupted, which is also hard. I ended up feeling grumpy because I didn't get anything 'useful' or 'creative' done except laundry. And the only thing that sounded fun was eating, which is a different grumpy story all together.

I think I caught on better to being involved with the kids today. It was a busy day and it was nice. After the kids did a few jobs, we took their grades to Krispy Kreme for their free donuts (one per A, up to 6). This beats paying $20 per A, like supposedly EVERYONE else. We also went to Aunt Dana's where they played tennis with their cousins. Then we walked around Hobby Lobby, and, of course, we found some stuff that wasn't necessary but was really fun for Spring Break. Spelee bought a rocket kit and SJ bought a crystal-growing kit. So, it wasn't necessarily the spending of money on something that was the good part.

Spelee spent an hour reading the instructions and putting together his rocket. And I helped SJ mix up and start growing his 'crystals.' It got even more fun when I put off my usual hurried self and, in the midst of a totally dirty kitchen, talked to him about how his crystals are monoammonium phosphate (it said so in the instructions-lest you think I KNEW this), and we even looked at the periodic table of the elements. Since it has been AT LEAST 20 years since I learned that stuff, we were glad to have Cableguy explain that NH4 is ammonia and PO4 is phosphate. Wow! This is what it would be like to homeschool I think. It was really fun and the dirty kitchen was still there when I was done! It didn't even get whiny while I neglected it.

So, at 4 o'clock, I remembered that I'd told D that I was going to make homemade bread today, so I quickly did that in case he had been dreaming about homemade bread all day, and made some raspberry puree into raspberry freezer jam. By now, I was totally exhausted, so I was very happy when I found a bag of homemade-noodle chicken noodle soup in the freezer!!!

I'm sure I won't always be able to focus on the kids because kitchens do eventually need to be cleaned up (and often). I hope I can get better at focusing on people though. It was all worth it when D said he got happy when he smelled the bread as he came in the door and when SJ sighed and happily said, "This was a busy day."

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