Thursday, July 1, 2010

What we're up to.

D's company just switched offices to a new beautiful building. The kids got to enter an art competition for the opening. We won a total of $350. WOW!
Caredon is babysitting for a neighbor 9:30 to 4 four days a week. Then working 5 or 6 to midnight five to six evenings at DQ. She can hardly wait for her weekends, just so she has a few day time hours to herself at least. Getting excited to go back to BYU-I.
Cableguy is working at Little Caesar's Pizza about 3 evenings a week. During the day he is working online on a class for school, and getting up at 5:30 every day to go to marching band. His first parade is Saturday. He usually fits in doing something with friends.
M is reading her driver manual so she can get her permit. Eeek! Then she is working online on her driver's ed class for school. She is hoping for more babysitting jobs, but has been gone to Youth Conference and will go to Girl's Camp next week.
Spelee is hanging around. He is playing Allstar baseball and has a tournament next weekend. The last tournament they improved greatly. Game 1: 25 to 2. Game 2: 30 to 4. Game 3: 16 to 5. It's actually fun to go watch, but not fun to see them get creamed!
Zef is also hanging around. (well, so are they all) He keeps busy working on projects.
LBean is around, too. Getting into stuff.
I make everyone get up for breakfast (except I have been lazy lately). Then they have jobs to do and stuff to work on (Personal Progress, or Scouts, except Caredon who is always working). Then they can play. I'm going to try to take them to the pool or on a picnic once a week. I'm also trying to get the older kids to go to the temple or to work at the food bank once a week.
But other than that, we are being LAZY. And it's actually kind of nice.

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  1. Looks like you are having such a fun Summer! Miss you guys!