Monday, August 23, 2010

First Day of School

Sigh. Today I sent four of my children off to school. I've been doing this for fifteen years, but I still felt a little sad as I took my 3rd grader to his class.

Today I:
Forgot to take pictures of everybody.
Got up early.
Woke up the two who missed their alarms.
Read through 13 class disclosures (the papers that tell you what is expected, what to bring, how to act, what they learn, that PARENTS have to read and sign, as well as the kids).
Discussed the real cost of our free Utah public education. My seventh grader has well over $100 in fees, as do the high schoolers.
Cleaned the house (each and every room got picked up a bit--the kids kind of cleaned their rooms before they left).
Did laundry.
Played dolls with the little one.
Made chocolate chip cookies for after school.
Picked up seventh grader because he missed the bus because his locker jammed.
Enjoyed the glorious quiet before everyone got home.
Enjoyed hearing all about their day and their classes.
Discussed and rehashed whether it would be better to take financial literacy online and take another class at school.
Helped think of new ideas for 'asking' for the Homecoming Dance.
Enjoyed the kids being home.

Everyone is finally in bed at 10:40. I'm a little sad because they all have to go back tomorrow, and my college girl will leave in less than two weeks. But oh, it was nice to have quiet.

Tonight we went on a long walk as a family. It was wonderful to see my 6 foot 17-year-old boy bouncing his almost-two-year-old sister on his shoulders while he talked about his new classes. Wonderful to hear my daughters discussing the merits of different teachers at the high school. Wonderful to watch my little boys picking up sticks and eating blackberries along the way. I love my kids (and their dad) so much.

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