Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Getting personal with my budget.

Confession: I unknowingly went $160 over my FOOD/INCIDENTALS budget for the last 2 week period. EEEEEK! Some of you might not even HAVE that much in your budget. I don't even know how I did that, except a trip to In N Out for the whole family might have contributed (it was NOT worth it). I think I might have already been over at the beginning of the pay period, too. Those little overages add up. Albertsons was bought out by Associated Foods, so I can't get those screamin' coupon/sale deals that I used to either. But I still pay close attention to getting good deals and headliners. Just a few too many little trips to Walmart.

So, anyway...when hubby gets paid on Friday, I will have $180 for two weeks worth of groceries. This is my PLAN to break even by the end of that pay period, which is important because we are going into the holiday season soon, and that always costs more food-wise. These are the purchases I have allowed myself:
-Hair color $7 first things first here, my growout is really bad
-Fructis Conditioner $5 this really works and it has been on my list for 2 months
-School lunches $30 this is for about 15 school lunches, which is only 2 lunches per week for 4 kids. They will make their lunches the rest of the time, as usual, except I won't be buying string cheese, gogurts, or chips. A sandwich, a drink, and a fruit or veg should be enough. Maybe a homemade cookie to sweeten the deal.
-bountiful basket $15 almost all the fruits and veggies we need for two weeks
-bananas $5 for when those run out
-milk $30. Thirty dollars!! That is for 16 gallons. Yes, we go through almost a gallon a day. Maybe water is in order. Or Koolaid.
-eggs $6 variable
-tp $19 for one of those gigo costco packs. We're almost completely out.
-diapers $14
This leaves me with $50 for other things we just HAVE to have.

Now I need to plan my meals, which I think is part of the problem here. I have hardly planned any meals ahead of time for a year or so:

Hawaiian Haystacks and green salad tonight (rice and chicken AND salad! already in the fridge!)
Chicken-Basil Sweet Potatoes with turkey slices and rolls and a veggie or jello
Corn Chowder?
P.S. Miss Make-a-mess is over stirring water in the sink, splashing it all over, while I figure this out.
Ground beef tacos on tortillas
Halloween night: hot dog party at the neighbors--take mint layer brownies
Spaghetti, spaghetti, I love you, spaghetti, and homemade french bread
Chicken enchiladas on corn tortillas
Shepherd's Pie
Chicken and Rice casserole
Chili and corn bread
Chicken Noodle Soup
Hamburger Gravy on potatoes
Hamburger Helper (bleck)
Pancakes, YES!

This should be PLENTY. Now I am completely accountable, right? CAN I do it?

Did I miss anything? Does anyone have suggestions?

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