Monday, October 11, 2010

Meal Plan

I know some of you like to see my meal plans to get ideas for yourself, and I have NOT been good at it lately. I hate thinking of what to have. And then if I tell people what we are having before I cook it, I get little people trying to talk me into something else (you know who you are).

Here are some things we've eaten:

-chicken and stuffing casserole, jello with fruit, corn, homemade bread, and ARTICHOKES.
The artichokes came with our fruit basket ( It's just $15 for a basket of fruit AND a basket of vegetables--awesome quality and awesome deal). The artichokes were not much of a hit, but they were fun to disect.

-super soft homemade bread with lecithin on my sis-in-law's blog down on the calendar, click on made bread.

-making banana bread today. Ha! I should be making zucchini bread (see 2 posts back).

-crock potted some chicken all day with some tomatoes, onions, garlic, red peppers. Scooped them onto tortillas.

-homemade pepperoni and ham and pineapple pizza.

-bbq roast beef (crock potted) on buns

-my neighbor made shepherd pie and froze half

-chicken patty burgers, even better is grilled chicken breast on a bun with a ring of pineapple and some teriyaki sauce on top!

-tonight we're having cantaloupe, watermelon, green salad, banana bread, and if I decide to make something more, grilled chicken breasts

-tacos. I have an awesome recipe for seasoning the meat. It makes it yummy and kind of creamy like Taco Bell. Please email me if you can tell me how to put recipes behind words. (So if you click on tacos, it will go to the recipe!)

That's all for now. What have you eaten for dinner lately?

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