Saturday, November 6, 2010

How my budget is working out & Thanksgiving Shopping

Okay--I have just tallied up my grocery expenses for the week and have spent all but $11.94. I have made all the purchases on my list, except my good shampoo because I forgot. Sooooo.....I think I will be able to break even!

There are lots of extra food items I like to purchase for the holidays, so I really wanted to make sure I break even. Here is the list of things I am going to get for Thanksgiving (which will be with the in-laws) that I don't normally buy:

real butter
cranberries, grapes, and jell-o for "party in your mouth" cranberry jell-o salad
spinach, sour cream, and knorr veggie dip for spinach dip
baguettes and pita chips for spinach dip
oreo crusts, chocolate pudding, cream cheese, and whipped topping for chocolate ribbon pies
I am also bringing 2 pans of Ardella's Rolls, but I have those ingredients!

For at home later:
turkey breast (we are using our free turkey from work for the in-law thanksgiving party)
lard for pie crusts for other flavors of pie (already have the fillings)


  1. Michelle was wondering where the comments went. She hasn't been given an assignment for the McKrola dinner so she is going to try Mom's stuffing and some pies!

  2. She also said, " good job on breaking even!.... I have 40 dollars for this weeks groceries. Have been going over lately buy extra apples for sauce, and pears, and other canning stuff." I totally understand going over on canning stuff--it helps the budget out in the future.

    You did pears, Michelle? MMMMMM

  3. Hi jenni.. what is the recipe to the party in the mouth cranberry jello??