Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My new family room wall and one flour-y girl.

This one was scooping flour into the dishwasher and then drinking the flour out of a measuring cup. Of course I was in a hurry that day, so I just sucked it all off with the vacuum hose.

Speaking of 'this one', I've decided to free up some kitchen space and vanquish the high chair. She now sits in a booster seat at the table. So yesterday I went shopping at Ross for a placemat (and a black pencil skirt).

I got the black pencil skirt, but totally forgot the placemat when I found two shelves (for $12) for my completely bare family room wall. They are cute and match the furniture. I probably have too many shelves in my house, but I like shelves. This is the new wall: Yes, the shelves ARE level.
I got the two pictures for $10. The bench I just moved four feet to the left. It houses the toys. If you look closely you will probably see that I should have bought paint to paint the wall instead. I do plan to paint the walls a golden wheat color soon.

I am mostly excited to see what cute Christmas knick knacks I can put on these shelves (maybe my Santa pictures.) And now I have a place to hang Christmas stockings instead of just tieing (tying?) them to the banister!