Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My Twenty-five Days of Thanks--updated daily!

Day 1--I am thankful for a loving, righteous husband who takes good care of me and our children.
Day 2--I am thankful for bright, healthy, obedient children, and for each of their individual personalities, I guess.
Day 3--I am thankful for multi-colored carpet that hides spots well. I am also thankful that the opened fingernail polish didn't get on the carpet, only on my little girl's big toe and pants (dang!). And that I get to go out to lunch today with sisters-in-law.
Day 4--I am thankful for parents who raised me right, who are so fun, and who understand.
Day 5--I am thankful for my three brothers and four sisters. And that I grew up in a large family. It's been the best.
Day 6--I'm thankful for awesome in-laws, too. Every one of them.
Day 7--I am thankful for my incredible pioneer ancestors, and the opportunity I have had to get to know them.
Day 8--I am thankful for the plenty that is in my life. I do not take for granted having enough.
Day 9--I am thankful for prayer and the power that faith and prayer have together.

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