Monday, November 8, 2010

Over budget. . .

Okay, I had to go get baggies and garbage bags and bananas and my good conditioner today. I would have been under my $11.67 or whatever it was, but I bought a box of 200 garbage bags and two extra boxes of baggies. So I was over by about $8. Not tooo bad. And I didn't even go to Burger King (or Cutler's, or Wendi's, or McD's) even though I was very tempted and hungry.

Now, if I plan before I shop, I should be able to fit in all those Thanksgiving extras.

And then Christmas extras:
dipping chocolate
dipping chocolate
dipping chocolate
peanuts and pretzels for peanut clusters and choco-covered pretzels
mixed nuts for cracking and snacking
Stephen's hot cocoa
candy canes
Christmas Eve Dinner:
a frozen Marie Callender's banana cream pie
raspberries, pomegranate pop, and limeade for our holiday drink
New Year's Eve treats

Hehe. I am excited for the holidays, how about you? It snowed today for the first time. I felt very festive and cozy with my gingerbread scented candle, homemade bread, and homemade chicken noodle soup!

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