Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Week Menu

I haven't been planning my menus lately because I just love to cook whatever sounds good. But the last few days I've disliked having to decide what to make. There is just too much going on. And the kids are home all day now. So I made myself plan this menu for the entire day for the entire week of Christmas. Less stress! I intend to enjoy this week with the kids and take it slow. I may even skip nap time for our little night owl and send her to bed early. I did last night and, though I love her to bits, it was divine to have a full three and a half hours of not chasing her. (I stayed up until midnight!) And it is 8 a.m. and she is still sleeping.

bfast: cereal
lunch: chicken noodle soup from the freezer
dinner: sloppy joes

bfast: toast and boiled eggs
lunch: sandwiches and leftover sloppy joes
dinner: Italian chicken and fettuccini in the crockpot

bfast: pancakes
lunch: broccoli soup from the freezer
dinner: chicken and rice

Thursday (we have a funeral to go to, the kids will be home tending cousins)
bfast: cereal
lunch: corn dogs and fries
dinner: enchiladas from the freezer

Friday--Christmas Eve
bfast: scrambled eggs or dutch babies
lunch: free for all (usually ends up being sandwiches, ramen, and frozen chimichangas)
dinner: spiral cut ham, cheesy potatoes, peas, rolls, individual green
and red ribbon jellos in clear cup, vegetable tray and dip, banana cream pie

bfast: favorite cereals that Santa brings, sausage, juice, and fresh pineapple
lunch: leftover ham and rolls
dinner: leftover ham and rolls
meals the next day: leftover ham and rolls!

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