Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Coat Closet!

Our coat closet was a disaster. We had a few plastic hooks on the side. Mrs. Destroyer discovered that if she pulled on her coat hard enough it would come down (along with the plastic hook). There were mounds of coats and jackets trying to stay up on the few plastic hooks that were left. Everything else had to be hung up on the hangers on the rod. The floor of the closet was always a mess and we had to dig through the pile to find anything.
For Christmas I gave Darin a drill press that I found at an estate sale (in the box, never been opened!) He used it and made this new closet for us with zillions of beautiful hooks! Everyone has a spot for their coats and jackets now. We don't use the rod at all and I love being able to hang up my coat with one hand (as opposed to putting it on the hanger, etc.) Works marvelously!

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