Thursday, February 10, 2011

A (lack of) Family History Story

I went to the temple today for our stake Fill the Temple Day. It took me fifteen minutes to find a parking space because the Ogden temple is closed and so the load was double, and I had to stalk a lady leaving the temple to get my parking space. It was going to be an hour wait to do initiatories, so I went down to the baptistry, where they got me right in.

They asked me if I was doing family names or temple names. I felt sad when I said temple names. Not because doing temple names isn't wonderful, too, because it is--and was! But in my case, I have a bachelor degree in family history, knowledgeable family members to help, and resources right next door, and I have NO GOOD EXCUSE to not bring my own names. This is something I have already been stewing over, so I was feeling especially sensitive about it.

Next, they only let me be baptized and confirmed for five people, when it used to be ten or fifteen. They explained that the church has fewer couple missionaries, so they are not calling them to be extraction missionaries anymore. (Is this true? Or has Indexing taken the place of extraction missionaries?) Anyway, they said they have fewer temple names to give to patrons, and the Church is relying on its members to find the names of their own families and perform the ordinances for them. Whatever the reasons, the point that got to me is that I, personally, need to be spending more time doing research on behalf of my ancestors.

I talked to my friend who was tending the little one for me while I went, and we decided that we would love to set aside one Saturday every couple of months to go down to the Family History Library (one of the places I love best in all the world) in Salt Lake and just TAKE the time, away from all the little distractions at home. I'm discussing this with D when he gets home tonight and I'm PUTTING it on the calendar! He will probably even want to come with me.

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