Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Little changes in the kitchen, before and after.

I'm holding the old knob. The attached knob and pull are spray painted.
Not a HUGE difference, but I can tell and like it.

Before. White stove, hood, and kind of brassy antiquey knobs and pulls.

After. Black stove and hood, and blacky/bronzed knobs and pulls.
Washed the cupboards and polished them with old English for dark wood,
to take away a little bit of the yellow.

First I spray painted the knobs and pulls glossy black and that was terrible. So then I added a matte bronzish spray and several layers of matte acrylic spray and I love them now.

Next up: new paint on the walls. Rusty red maybe? But honestly, on the Sherwin Williams tester sight, this color of green looked the best. What to do, what to do.

I am not as keen on re-doing house things as I used to be. Stresses me out a little bit--
deciding what to do, doing it and doing it right, getting used to the change. Weird, huh?

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