Monday, August 22, 2011

Moving Day, Part 2, and Why I LOVE BYU

So we got the kid all moved into his apartment at Wyview Park at BYU. D and I and our three boys headed down after church. We had a fantastic time unloading the boxes and finding a spot for them in his tiny (but big enough) apartment. The other two boys in his apartment will be moving in later this week, along with most of the other freshman.

After scrounging around in Caleb's food for pop-top cans of ravioli and chili (because his cheapo-last-minute can opener totally broke), we had a quick dinner and then headed to Lavell Edwards Stadium for the freshman marching band fireside. Cougar Marching Band Hall, instrument lockers, offices, and uniform room are all inside the stadium, hidden underneath the stands.

This is why I love BYU (and other church schools): this marching band 'meeting' started with a hymn, a prayer, and a vocal musical number "As Sisters in Zion" and "Armies of Helaman." It was at this point that I remembered in full force the value of church schools. This was band like you have never seen it. After staff introductions and a short video of retro-uniformed BYU bands of the past, the marching band directors spoke. They told us that the number one purpose of the BYU marching band is to bring people to Christ. The NUMBER ONE purpose. Awesome.

I am so pleased and excited for the opportunity my son has to be in an environment that is not only academically challenging, but also testimony building. My daughter at BYU-Idaho is having the same kind of experiences.

After the fireside, we ate blue and white cupcakes. And then we sneaked (well, walked quietly) up one of the portals into the actual stadium. We were about 20 rows up on the 30 yard line and there was not another soul in the entire stadium. Cool.

And nope, I didn't cry when we left. I did a little at the fireside and a little right before I went to bed when I asked Heavenly Father to please take care of him. And maybe a little right now while I'm thinking about it. (:

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