Sunday, August 21, 2011

Moving Day.

I can't sleep this morning. My tummy was full of butterflies the moment I woke up and they wouldn't go back to sleep either. I'm excited!! We are taking my sweet big boy to BYU today and leaving him there. It think it is strange that I'm excited, but I love new things, and it is fun to experience my children's new things with them.

I also love to unpack boxes and organize stuff into fresh new drawers and cupboards. Weird, I know. He even said I could.

We have to be there tonight (Sunday night) for a freshman and parent marching band fireside at Cougar Marching Band Hall in Lavell Edwards Stadium (too cool), and then he starts band camp tomorrow morning.

I took him grocery shopping today. It took a while for it to kick in that he needed to buy the things HE wanted to eat--also things that would fit into his busy schedule easily. Chimichangas, Totinos pizza, Gogurts. Gum. And he is so excited to be totally in control of the fruit stash.

Then we got home and loaded the car and rounded up a few last minute items like an extra-long mattress pad and a cable for his hand-me-down tv (not that he'll have time to watch tv much, but he doesn't know that). And the day before that he had to buy a new bike. He will be living a bit from campus, and his old bike bit the dust last week (better now then when he is riding furiously up University to work at 7 a.m.)

I'm thinking I will be sad to leave him all alone in his apartment for the week. His roommates don't arrive until later in the week. But I'm thinking that he'll be thinking "Party! Party!" He'll be home next weekend for his Melchizedek Priesthood ordination anyway. And we'll be down for BYU football games every couple of weeks. But I will really miss his face around here.

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