Tuesday, September 20, 2011

So What's Up With Us?

Canned 28 quarts pears and 4 quarts peaches last night. Used our giant campstove and BOY was it FAST. I could barely have the next batch ready by the time the batch on the stove was done! The entire process only took 3 hours. We scalded the pears to peel them so that made it much easier and they look beautiful sitting out on my picnic table.

Been worried about my grandma, who broke her femur bone and had to have surgery. They weren't sure if she would make it, she is so frail, but she did. Been worried about my mom taking care of her and my grandpa. Disappointed because my mom won't be able to come for the planned visit today, but looking forward to talking on the phone with her.

Got my main floor carpets cleaned today. They look sooo much better. But my kitchen is full of furniture for the rest of the day.

Going to see Mary Poppins today!! It was a birthday gift from my hubs.

The little girl is sick. Fever since Friday. Throwing up yesterday. Developed into a barking cough. Probably take her to the doctor today. Also, she has always been a lover of clothes. Now she has become picky. The clothes I won in a blog giveaway for her, she thinks they are funny and hid the leggings. The darling skirt I made her, she thinks is not cute. And the BYU shirt I got her, she thinks it is too long. NOOOO! She is not even three yet!!

Everyone else healthy! EXCEPT Darin just came downstairs today with a sore throat and chills.

Lack of sleep lately: four hours of sleep the night of the BYU-UTAH game, early meetings, late meetings, sleepless in the middle of the night, kids to powder-puff practice at 6 a.m., in-laws leaving to the airport at 4:30 a.m., water pouring in the basement at 5 a.m., sick girl all through the night for the last couple of nights.

New calling! RS President. Major stress while awaiting the actual call (2 weeks) and major busy starting immediately after. (1 week) Each contributing to more sleeplessness. But I am excited about this calling and enjoying it. (We will not mention all the accompanying self doubt.)

BYU-Utah game. Terrible. But my boy was playing in the band. Exciting!! We could just make him out with our binoculars. And since the game was so terrible, we walked over to the opposite end of the stadium and sat right behind him. I was so excited for him. A dream come true for him! Although I think his real dream would've included a win. At least not a stomping.

The college girl came home for the weekend, so that was fun. She said goodbye to her best friend, who is leaving on a mission in a week and a half.

Love and miss my kids. That leaves only four kids at home! Meals are sparse with one of the remaining kids working sometimes and one of them gone to football practice. My food budget is lookin' good.

Speaking of food, we cooked four toaster strudels this morning at 7 a.m. Two of them set off the fire alarm. GOOD morning everyone!

This morning, I am feeling blessed. Now back to work!

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