Thursday, October 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Girl!

It's this girl's third birthday. I cannot believe she is so old, but she is acting that old (independent insistence, we will say). She is so excited for today--for her presents, her cupcakes, her Mickey Mouse cupcake stand, her ice cream at DQ (this is a family tradition--they give the birthday person a free banana split and the rest of us get $1 to spend.)

We love having her as part of our family. She came because of many promptings (it took me a while to accept it), seven years after our last child. Ellie loves her family, especially 'the brothers' and 'all the kids.' A couple nights ago, instead of going to bed, she donned her sister's high heels and dragged Seth downstairs to go 'to a dance' and then 'shopping.' She loves to sing Primary songs. She loves and is picky about clothes. She is so smart, too--we are amazed! She loves her dad to read her the Tickle Monster book. She is my Relief Society visiting sidekick and always asks if we are going 'bisiting'. I love her cute face.

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