Thursday, December 29, 2011

A really long blog post about Christmas to make up for never posting on my blog

Wow, I am a lousy blogger lately. BECAUSE--

Our camera broke.

Our other cameras are lousy (our traditional sitting-on-the-stairs-in-pjs picture was almost completely DARK) and I don't know how to get stuff off of them very well.

My RS calling, which is not lousy and is quite wonderful, but takes up time.

And Christmas, which is also not lousy but also takes up a lot of time.

And the lousy space bar on my computer sometimes works and sometimes does not, so writing anything requires more attention than I want to give it.

So, here goes anyway. I cannot figure out how put my sentences in the places they need to be. This is another reason I don't blog more. I am also not sure if it is sentences or sentances.

Merry Christmas! Above is our Christmas tree. It is fresh and looks the same as it does every year. But this year, bless Darin's heart, as he was handing out ornaments to go on the tree, he smiled at me as he slyly (is that a word?) set aside any homemade ornaments that were just plain past their lifetimes.

Anyways. Above is a glimpse of how fun our Christmas was with our little Ellie. Yup, she is spoiled. Well, she probably just gets more stuff and gets to do more than our other kids ever did. Princess clothes, a kitchen, a princess scooter. . .but she is the only little, so she needs something to keep her busy. The look on her face as she surveyed the Christmas room on Christmas morning and then lighted on her kitchen was so full of excitement.

The older kids got stuff they need like luggage for missions and cameras.

Maren got a beautiful guitar.

Spencer got a pogo stick.

Seth got walkie talkies.

We got some other fun things, too, as well as lots of things we needed (clothes, socks, underwear, ties).

Oh, and each kid got a 50 count box of chips (Doritoes, Fritos, potato, etc.) Hehe, that is fun.

My husband spoiled me. One fun thing he got me is this:
After all, I used to look just like her. The cookbook is so fun and now I know how to cook 25 things from cornmeal, and wild turkey, and rabbit, and blackbird pie, and cranberry jelly. . . call me if we ever have a dire emergency.

Darin got a weather station. It is 71 degrees in the house and 48 degrees outside and we are expecting rain. It rained last night but I can't tell you how much because the 'rain measurer' was under the picnic table. Hehe.

Lest you think we don't know what Christmas is all about, I just have to say that we have enjoyed the spirit of Christ all month in abundance. I took every single cart to the cart-parking spot. I put away (almost) every item at the store that I decided not to get. The guy I backed into in the Costco parking lot never called me back to get money. We felt the joy of giving. We thought of Christ, we spoke of Christ, we rejoiced in Christ. Christmas morning we beautified ourselves to go to 9 o'clock Sacrament Meeting. We basked in the spirit of those beautiful Christmas hymns and the message of a dear friend. We spent time reading beloved Christmas stories together. These are the things that make us feel Christmasy. And these are truly the kinds of things that make us feel the spirit of Christmas all year long when we do them all year long.

Oh Look! Darin emailed me our kids-on-the-stairs-in-pjs picture. We had to retake it later in the day (or was it the next day?) with his phone camera.

To all a good night.

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